Infinatas BioPharm Insight Achieves Record Growth in 2012

Norwood, MA (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

Infinatas BioPharm Insight capped another year of global expansion in 2012. BioPharm Insight offers subscribers the unique combination of comprehensive market analytics, a database of key industry contacts and proprietary forward-looking intelligence uncovered by an independent team of investigative journalists.


Ruth McHenry, Managing Director of Infinata, said, BioPharm Insight continues its aggressive growth to meet the needs of industry professionals. Every day we work closely with our customers to understand and solve the challenges they face. I am so proud to say that in 2012 we met and exceeded all targeted areas of growth.


New Features & Functionalities


New User Interface BioPharm Insights completely redesigned user interface (UI) features a customizable homepage, easier navigation, and interactive charts and graphs. These enhancements allow subscribers to filter data and intelligence to fit their needs, allowing them to identify business opportunities as soon as they arise.


Increased Scope of Data In addition to a new UI, BioPharm Insight continued to improve the scope of data provided to subscribers with the addition of:


FDA Approves Two Anti-Obesity Drugs in 2012 but Approval from EMA Unlikely

EMA’s cynicism towards anti-obesity drugs will hinder Belviq and Qsymia EU approvals

October 22, 2012 – Norwood, MA – This summer brought two new anti-obesity drugs to the market. On June 27th, the FDA approved Belviq (lorcaserin), a 5-HT2C receptor agonist, from Arena Pharmaceuticals, the first prescription weight-loss drug to hit the US market in more than a decade. Arena submitted a Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for Belviq to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in 2012. The second anti-obesity drug FDA approved this year was Vivus’ Qsymia on July 18th. The company filed an MAA in December 2010. The EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use is unlikely to recommend approval, Vivus said.

Qsymia and Belviq are unlikely to see EU approval for several years, according to the experts interviewed by BioPharm Insight. European regu¬lators will wait for US post-marketing data or results from cardiovascular (CV) outcomes trials. Additionally, the EMA has not faced the same degree of organized political and patient advocacy pressure as the FDA. The EMA still per¬ceives obesity as a psychobehavioral disorder rather than a risk factor for diabetes and hypertension. While Belviq’s safety profile is superior to Qsymia, its efficacy is likely to be scrutinized considering the EMA’s cynicism toward the role of anti-obesity drugs.

Another anti-obesity drug on the path to approval is Orexigen Therapeutics’ Contrave, which received a complete response letter in January 2011. The FDA expressed concern about the drug’s CV safety profile when used long-term in obese and overweight patients. The agency requested the company to conduct a study to assess the occurrence of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE). Orexigen has thus initiated a Phase III study called LIGHT. NDA resubmission is expected in 2Q/3Q13.

Still in development, Orexigen’s other anti-obesity candidate, which is in Phase II, has completed enrollment in its second Phase IIb trial, a 24-week study in healthy, nondiabetic, obese patients. On September 22nd, Zafgen, a Massachusetts-based private company, announced data from two Phase Ib studies of beloranib, a methionine aminopeptidase 2 (MetAP2) inhibitor. It showed rapid weight loss, reductions in body fat and improvements in cardiovascular disease risk markers in severely obese women.

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Vitamins, Supplements, Weight Loss

Hello again,

Weight loss is almost an American dream, if you could make it actually happen. So many of us are overweight and miserable! I know I need to lose at least twenty pounds and if I did I would feel better and have more energy. Our life styles are go, go, go and time for ourselves, almost non-existent!

I have tried a lot of different products that was suppose to aide in weight loss and am sorry to say most did not work or you had to take so many huge pills that the thought of gagging on them after a few days upset your stomach just thinking about trying to swallow one again! After a few months or years they are tossed in the trash.  Money down the drain and the dreaded weight is still our evil twin!

I have seen the new body-weight loss miracle green coffee bean ads everywhere, from Dr. Oz  to Walmart!  Call me a sucker if you must but I am going to try it and I will let you know if it works, before you run out and purchase any. If anyone of you have tried it please let me know how or if it worked for you.  Or, if you want to try it with me and let me know your results you can purchase them through the ad at the bottom of the page. ( there are many natural supplements from that same ad that I buy on a regular basis because I know they work and the prices are great.)  I am a person that likes to know what a product is about and if it actually does what is promised.

For any weight loss program you try please discuss it with your physician.  Some natural supplements can interact with prescription medications so always do your homework before starting anything new.

I will be updating on this after I have tried the product and hope you stop by to check up on my results.  I’m an average girl and like everyone else get very discouraged when my hard earned money gets flushed down the toilet from buying a product that does not fit the bill!   My best to all of you, Sunday B.

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