Caregiver guilty of stealing $1M from 100-year-old

Caregiver guilty of stealing M from 100-year-old
(AP) — A former caregiver in northeast Washington state who was convicted of taking nearly $ 1 million from a Kettle Falls woman who was more than 100 years old has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. John "Herb" Friedlund was looking after Frances …
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What You Really Need to Survive As a Caregiver
Let's face it: If you're a caregiver for someone with a serious illness, you're carrying around a ton of stress. Sleepless nights, physical exhaustion, irritability, feeling overwhelmed by your seemingly endless list of duties; these are just a few of …
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Cancer Caregiver's Share What They Wish They Had Known
One study estimates the stress of caregiving can take as many as ten years off a family caregiver's life. In order to improve the odds of a positive outcome, those who are fighting cancer need their caregivers to be prepared for the ordeal they'll both …
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New Report Finds Almost Half of Family Caregivers Perform Medical and …

New Report Finds Almost Half of Family Caregivers Perform Medical and
Despite frequent encounters with the acute care system, family caregivers were not prepared for the medical and nursing tasks they were expected to provide at home,” added Carol Levine, Director of Families and Health Care Project for United Hospital …
We know that family caregivers provide help with activities such as bathing and dressing, shopping, cooking and preparing meals. We also ask caregivers to do things that would make even nursing students tremble; it’s important that we understand the scope of this new normal,” said Susan Reinhard, Senior Vice President and Director of the AARP Public Policy Institute. “As hospitals discharge patients quicker and sicker, we’re finding that family caregivers are responsible for medical and nursing care including medication management and wound care.”

Even though family caregivers in the survey recognized the value and importance of these medical and nursing tasks to their family members’ health, 40 percent reported feeling stressed and worried about making a mistake. Moreover, a third said their own health was fair or poor.

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Guam- Services for the National Family Caregiver Support Program have been
Guam- Services for the National Family Caregiver Support Program have been temporarily suspended by the Department of Public Health & Social Services. Deputy Director Leo Casil says the suspension took effect today [Monday] because the Division of …
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Researchers probe how cancer affects cost and caregivers

‘The vital role played by unpaid caregivers in supporting cancer patients is well recognised, but the health burden and economic impact on these caregivers is poorly understood

‘Cancer poses a considerable economic burden not only to healthcare systems but to other areas of the economy, including productivity losses through early mortality and time-off work, and relatives who have to forego work/leisure to care for cancer …
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