UGA graduate student says caregiving is ‘meaningful and purposeful’

UGA graduate student says caregiving is 'meaningful and purposeful'
Stroud's first experiences with caregiving began with her father who suffers from severe mental illness. “When he would have some type of issue going on, I would work with his physician and psychiatrist,” she said. “I would negotiate and get …
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Too Much TV: Fussy Infants Spend More Time In Front of The Tube
“In the last decade or so there has been a lot of attention paid to parenting style and care giving. One component has to do with feeding and focus placed on the feeding environment,” says Margaret E. Bentley, Associate Dean of Global Health at the …
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Big haul for Daily News-City Harvest food drive this year
The Daily News Readers Care food drive collected 1.4 million pounds in a two-month pre-holiday rush — the third straight year that the drive has topped the 1 million-pound mark. "We're excited," said Robyn Stein, the director of City Harvest, and a …
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Celebrating a caregiver legend for 25 years of support. #caregiving #caring #care #alzheimers # dementia #alzheimersread

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Thursday January 03, 2013 – Issue #620
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Back to the Future

Throughout history, there have been many examples that prove looking backwards is not such a great idea (just ask Lot’s wife), so I hope it does not bode poorly that I am doing so in my first message of 2013.  Besides, my doctor was adamant I reduce my salt content.

With that said, I could not let another week go by without talking about one of the highlights of 2012 for me.  I am referring to joining the celebrants at the 25th anniversary gala of the Rosalynn Carter Institute on October 25th.  I had just interviewed former First Lady Carter for the cover of the September/October issue Today’s Caregiver magazine and it was a great pleasure to be able to spend time with her at the gala…read more

Take Care

Gary Barg Editor-in-Chief

Celebrating a caregiver legend for 25 years of support. #caregiving #caring #care #alzheimers # dementia #alzheimersreadby todayscaregiver (garybarg)

Caregiver joins his striking caregivers

Caregiver joins his striking caregivers (Photo credit: Simon Oosterman)