UTI’S and Supplements


Oregano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before I took over as caregiver for my Mother she was constantly getting urinary tract infections. She has been with me for almost two years now and has had only two UTI’s. I started her on a vitamin regimen consisting of a good women’s vitamin blend, Cranberry supplements, and extra vitamin C along with Pro-biotic and oil of Oregano. She takes these supplements with food just to ensure no upset stomach. She is also taking alfalfa supplements.
Mother still gets a galled bottom from time to time from yeast infections but I get a jump on healing this with silver cream externally and colloidal silver internally so it really doesn’t have a chance to grow. The Oil of Oregano is antibacterial and does a wonderful job of keeping these infections under control. You can get the oregano in a gel cap or in bottle with a dropper. I like the gel caps because the taste is not that great! If you get a chance read up on Oregano it is great for Candida and Fungal Skin Conditions and has wonderful healing properties for a variety of different ailments including inflammation. Mom is telling my sister that she should be taking these supplements. Mom is still taking prescription medications but her physician has cut back on her blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. He said, “She is amazing,” and shook his head in wonderment!
Being a caregiver for my elderly Mother has taken some adjustments for both of us. I am still learning through trial and error the things I should and should not be doing.
In the beginning I wanted to do everything for her and before long I realized that I was setting myself up for a quick caregiver breakdown!
Do not hinder. If they can do some things for themselves, let them. I know you and I can get the same thing done faster and more efficiently but we need to let them help themselves while they can. Encourage them; they need that as much as we do so let them keep their dignity as long as possible.

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