Pre-Sorted Pill Boxes

Pre-Sorted Pill Boxes Now Being Sent Directly to Customer Homes by MedEx Direct

Pre-sorted pill boxes are now being sent directly to customer homes by MedEx Direct, the independent retail pharmacy and creators of the MedEx Pack recently announced. The MedEx Pack, which delivers pre-sorted pill packets for each dosing time, is at the center of MedEx Direct’s medication management program. MedEx Pack now delivers the MedEx Pack in pre-sorted pill boxes directly to customer homes, offering an easy and affordable solution for increasing patient compliance with prescribed medications.

The MedEx Pack, which contains pre-measured dosages of medications in convenient plastic packs, provides an easy way for patients and their caregivers to deliver the right medications once, twice or even several times per day. MedEx Direct Owner and Pharmacist Clyde Furuta said, Patient compliance with prescription medication is a growing concern in the US, as there are many elderly and other patients who are take more than one type of medication, or who take multiple medications throughout the day. The MedEx Pack takes the guesswork out of determining which pills to take, and also ensures that patients are taking the right medications at the right time. It also increases patient compliance, making it easier for patients to follow their prescribing doctors orders.

MedEx Direct prides itself on having the ability to do more than just fill prescriptions; the team manages their patients medications by reminding them about refills, solving insurance problems, and providing tools like the MedEx Pack, improving the pharmacy experience and overall health outcomes. MedEx Direct is a fully licensed retail pharmacy serving the community and others who dont have access to services like the MedEx Pack nearby. From enrollment and initial patient setup, to monthly reminder calls before medications run out, MedEx Direct provides expert service from start to finish that patients can rely on. For more information, please visit

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