Good Luck. Bad Luck, Do they really come in threes?

My Husband and I went to Tennessee for a job in December, I had the stomach flu the last few days we were there.  My niece was caregiving for Mom while we were gone.  Picture 056

The day after we got home there was a fire in an apartment above my Mothers apt.  My niece got her out of there and from the looks of things once we could get in to salvage what we could; I do believe she saved my Moms’ life! Mom is usually here with me and I had not picked her up at that time.

The phone was ringing and my niece got out of bed to answer it, smelled smoke , heard an apartment alarm going off but not the main alarm for the building.  (The phone call had been a wrong number, Hmm, maybe that phone call had been sent by?)  She heard activity in the hallway and checked to see what was happening. Fire fighters told her to get out and she immediately got her Grandmother dressed, over her night-clothes, threw on her warm shoes and a coat then left the building! The weather was very cold with frigid winds and they left without Moms’ insulin and other medications. That’s ok because they were safe!

My niece had borrowed our truck while we were out-of-town and the driver’s side door had somehow been damaged and would not close.  My husband had to drive it home with the window down and hold it shut with his hand!

Was that number three and is it over for the year?  I can’t say that I believe in luck, good or bad but if it could be true, I hope the rest of this year goes by without mishap!

I still need to go through my Mothers things, sort and pitch what is not salvageable.  We had to get what we could out of the apartment with no lights so we grabbed what was not wet but it is stored in my garage and it is damp in there.  Wish me luck?  Well, maybe just Best wishes!