Inspiration For Opening and Owning An Assisted Living Facility

Video by One of the most popular page on our site is our information on “How To Open An Assisted Living Facility.” We’ve received so many comments from people with a passion for caring for the elderly – many of whom dream of opening and operating an assisted living facility or home of their own sometime in the future. Many of these comments have made it obvious to us that people are overwhelmed and at times discouraged by how complicated it is to do everything needed to open an assisted living or senior care facility. From dreaming about it, to the final product – there are so many hurdles and considerations that will be faced – from finding proper financing for the facility, to making sure that all state and local regulations and laws are met, to coming up with the location, design, and even decor of the home. That’s all not to mention eventually having a staff that will need to be hired, trained, motivated, and possibly disciplined. We’d like to present this video as inspiration for opening an assisted living facility. We visited and interviewed an owner of an assisted living home, and she shares with us a wonderful tidbit of motivation and inspiration, using her dream and success of opening an assisted living facility as an example. She has dreamed of caring for the elderly since she was a little girl, and kept that dream alive, and in motion until it became a reality. Persistence is the key. Never let your dreams rest or fade away
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2 thoughts on “Inspiration For Opening and Owning An Assisted Living Facility

  1. This Video would have been great in the decision making for our team here in Pensacola Fl as we were looking into Opening an Assisted Living Facility.
    I look forward to more of you informative videos

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