Alzheimer’s Disease

The challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease for both the patient and caregiver.


24 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Is there any simulation that people with a normal mind can go through and make you feel like you have alzheimers for a few minutes. My grandpa died from this and he would often get lost and I just wonder what he had felt like the 8 years he had the disease.

  2. My grandma passed away Aug 9 1998 due to Alzheimers disease ..Her symptoms never appeared to April 1994 ..When she passed away she
    only weighed like 76- 80 lbs at the most so sad..Lets hope they find a vaccine to slow or even stop the disease progression

  3. My great-grandmother has had this disease for 12 years. She’s 97 years old too! This year for Christmas we’re giving her baby dolls and stuffed animals (she’s in her second childhood lol). But, its the hardest thing to bear when someone who you love looks you straight in the eye and asks who you are. I pray that they find a cure for this horrid disease.

  4. he cannot be developing alzheimer’s disease because of those reasons. there is no treatment for AD currently available.. if he does have symptoms he should consult a doctor asap

  5. This is a very informative video. Thanks for posting. My grandmother was diagnosed with this disease yesterday. 😦 What can i expect in the years to follow?

  6. I just lost my dad Sept 23 2012 to this horrible disease. He lost all abilities and was bedridden his last 7 years. I just started a website to help caregiver stay connected with their love ones with this disease. I have watched several of your videos.You do a great job!

  7. My stubborn father is developing this because of sleep apnea and his set of character. Is there a cheap temporary solution for his problem for the time being.

  8. A loved one of mine is in a complete vegetative state due to this disease. It has left her unable to comprehend language, communicate or interact in anyway, and has basically inhibited all functions that we take for granted every day. Such a sad and disheartening thing to witness. :(

  9. The Oregon chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is holding a benefit concert called Lift the Darkness on September 21st, 2012. We need YOUR help! Here’s how you can help:

    Upload a video of yourself (or your family), and say, “Because my (insert ‘wife,’ ‘brother,’ ‘husband,’ ‘friend,’ ‘grandmother,’ etc.) needs you!” while holding a picture of the aforementioned person.

    To upload your video, e-mail your file as an attachment to the following address:

  10. My grandfather does the same thing he wanted to see his mother nd she’s been dead for twenty plus years so wen I tell him this he tells me don’t say such a horrible thing it hurts me to c a American hero my grampa go through through this

  11. I don’t believe that. My grandfather was diagnosed w/Alzheimer’s 6 yrs ago. He is 81 yrs old and has had dentures since his 30’s due to gum disease. He hasn’t had any fillings in his mouth in 40-50 yrs. I know for a fact. So that isn’t going to help him a bit.

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