A day of pampering for county’s caregivers

A day of pampering for county's caregivers
He is stricken with diabetes, neuropathy and Parkinson's. While mentally alert and conversant, for the past two-to-three years Dick is physically limited and does require the around-the-clock presence of a caregiver. “We have a wonderful support system …
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Fifteen of Wisconsin's most interesting brainstorms
TCARE (Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral) is a care-management process that helps family caregivers receive the support they need to help their aging and disabled family members. The system was developed by Rhonda Montgomery, Helen …
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Cost of Dying: Discovering a better way for final days
We admired the resolve of Bill Newman, who wears his end-of-life wishes on a homemade "Do Not Resuscitate" badge, and marveled at caregivers like Susan Meyers who sacrificed her own well-being to allow her beloved husband, John, to die at home. … The …
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