Five Star Homecare Now Offering Homecare Services in Boca Raton, Florida: Its Your Health, Its Your Choice

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) December 28, 2012

As a home health agency, Five Star Homecare places caregivers into the home of patients. Five Star Homecare is consumer oriented and aims to help patients stay at home for as long as possible by providing services along the homecare continuum of care including skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy and home health aide services while recovering from chronic illnesses.

Five Star Homecare is committed to providing high quality services by qualified staff in a manner that promotes quality of life, patient safety and customer satisfaction. The companies number one priority is to meet the needs of patients recovering from illness.

With a customer-driven focus Five Star Homecare continues to reach out to consumers including patients, healthcare professionals, and both professional and community-based organizations to educate and to foster associations and partnerships with the healthcare industry in South Florida.

Five Star Homecare is strongly committed to providing the highest quality of care. Through rigorous recruitment efforts Five Star Homecare seek professionals uniquely qualified, and that demonstrate a caring and compassionate nature. Five Star Homecare seeks continually to hire and train individuals that possess a proven record of leadership, compassion and an understanding of what being a part of the team requires. Being apart of the Five Star Homecare Team requires a total commitment to the needs of Five Star Homecare customers and clients.

Five Star Homecare is a focused, results-driven home care agency. Recruiters at Five Star Homecare seek the best candidates for the job by taking the time to understand customers needs and long term plans. Recruiters only select individuals who can perform and prosper within the Five Star Homecare companys culture. Five Star Homecare caregivers assist patients in their recovery, from illness of chronic disease in the comfort of home. preventing hospitalizations. This allows patients to feel more comfortable and secure. It also relieves the patient’s family of the hardships of being full-time caregivers. The focus of Five Star Homecare is not to become the biggest home care agency in South Florida, but to become the home care agency that is known for placing a strong emphasis on quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Five Star Homecare actively seeks to recruit and train the most highly qualified nurses, caregivers, clinicians and administrative staff persons. The success of Five Star Homecare is directly related to the employees that work here and how successful these employees are at meeting the needs of clients and customers. Five Star Homecare invests the time and resources necessary to help build a five star team of employess by assisting this team to fullfill personal objectives and career goals.

Five Star Homecare seeks to hire and train individuals that possess a proven record of leadership, compassion and an understanding that being a part of a five star team requires a commitment to customers needs. There are many opportunities for training and leadership. Most importantly Five Star Homecare strive to motivate and retain team members who demonstrate exceptional character, talent and trustworthiness.

If you are a healthcare professional looking for a caring, family-oriented company where you can thrive, then please contact Five Star Homecare! Finding the right healthcare team the one that best matches personal style and professional goals can change a person’s whole life for the better. Interested in a rewarding career with Five Star Homecare please visit: and click the Apply Here Today Link, Complete Form and Submit Resume.

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