Caregiving is not a role people usually choose. It seems to choose us, emerging from events and circumstances beyond our control. Spinal cord injury, debilitation or sudden illness may come without warning. This is a job that cannot be skirted and cannot always be delegated. It can be difficult, physically and emotionally. It can be time-consuming. While caring for loved ones can be enormously satisfying, there are days, it seems, that offer little reward. Caregivers, the men and women who care for family members and loved ones, deserve to be recognized and supported for the vital part they play in the lives of people with paralysis. Caregivers may work in isolation from others in similar circumstances but they share much in common. It is important that caregivers connect with each other, to gain strength and to know that they are not alone. It is essential that caregivers know about tools — the homecare products and services — that might make their jobs easier. It’s also important that caregivers are aware of community and public resources that offer assistance. Caregivers also need to know that support and respite systems exist to address the well-being and health of caregivers themselves.
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20 thoughts on “Caregivers

  1. Found this video again (why it showed up in my recommendations, I have no idea) after becoming my grandfather’s caregiver, and only part-time at that. I can say now that disabled people really need to put themselves in nursing homes. That’s what I’d do if I needed care 24/7. To do otherwise is selfish. If I had quadriplegia severe MS or something like that, I’d prove to my loved ones how much I love them by not allowing themselves to do this for me. I would never choose me over them.

  2. in Germany, this job is not paid very well. if you are a caregiver stage I you`ll get round about 1000 – 1100 euros. if you are (the better) stage II your loan is about 1500 – 1600 euros. both is meant for 38,5 hrs per week. some earn a bit more, some earn less.
    it`s a real hard job, but i love to help people.

  3. with all that is in the news about caregivers beating/killing family members or those they are taking care of, i can honestly say that i understand what they (the caregivers) go through. i’m not justifying any of their heinous actions, i’m just saying that i understand what most, if not all, go through.

  4. Dang.  If I’m ever injured in a way that I need a caregiver like that, I think I’ll just die. I won’t put my family through that. I think if I were to do that I’d consider myself the most selfish person on the planet. Better to die than be a burden. On the other hand, if, say, my mom were injured I’d care for her.

  5. exactly. depression is unresolved grief. and anger at loss, yes. I find a movie in a dark movie house is an escape maybe once a year. do the best you can. every day. and I made a structured bedtime, it helped ME. and extra hour of sleep.

  6. hi roostergrl, i feel your pain. my son has severe cerebral palsy and we both go through ups and downs. its very emotional-overwhelming for me,too. i will keep you in prayer. god bless you.

  7. i’m 24 years old i am a mother of 2 and i am a caregiver to both my grandparents its alot of work but i am very blessed and have looked at life very differently. and i appreciate everything i have in life.

  8. My patient died, a 97 year old with cancer. We had fun and he was my world. I thank God for the opportunity to care for R.J. Barber

  9. Wow! Finally I feel Im normal for the way I feel. Ive been a caregiver now for about a year and it has been a very testful situiation. Everything has been so up and down, many different emotional outburst and feeling so alone! Unfortunately, Im an only child of a single parent. My mother had a stroke that left her disabled, Ive been doing this on my own not knowing where to turn for help. Im so thankful for this video and the website included. I hope to find the help I so desire oneday!

  10. thanks keep posting.. mom of rainbow..I am learning alot from all of u.. this is my practical way of learning alot about caregiving and caregivers. My sort of review from all what I was trained. God bless everyone. It touches and melt my heart seeing those helpless eyes and those giving selfless love caregiving. CAregivers are angels !!

  11. I can walk (barely), family abandoned me after a MVI 5-1-99, 4 spinal fusions C3-C7, I’m jealous patients still have family members. Here in San Antonio, I get unqualified caregivers and have to fight to get a meal, let alone other perks, a complete bath. Forget dentistry, check ups and maintenance, Paps, breast exams.I develope eye & ear inf.from lack ability to care for the face and head, & lower torso. I hate Medicare & the govn. KNOW Bush’s insurance and medical Ins, TORT REFORM.

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