Hyperthyroidism in our Feline Friends (Update)

Smokey Joe is doing well.  He still has not gained much weight back but he is holding his own.  His coat is shinier and healthier looking, his yowling is not as often, only a couple of times a day which is in the morning when he wants his food and the evening when he knows it is time for his food.  Oh yes, and when he wants to be held!

Smokey’s urine output has subsided somewhat but I believe it to still be in access of what it should be.  I have recently started him on potassium, along with his supplements, because the loss of it through his urinating so much has to have a definite effect on his system.

Potassium is an electrolyte, like sodium and chloride, needed by the cells in  the body to regulate the flow of water coming and going through cell membranes.  Proper electrolyte function is particularly necessary for proper kidney and  health function
Read more:  Feline Potassium Deficiency Prognosis | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6361221_feline-potassium-deficiency-prognosis.html#ixzz2DIJ30X8s

Potassium deficiency in cats is called hypokalemia. Potassium and other  nutrients including calcium, sodium and phosphorus are essential for feline health.  Potassium is essential for muscle, kidney and heart health.
Read more:  Potassium Deficiency in Felines | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_6011484_potassium-deficiency-felines.html#ixzz2DIKigk2I

Cats with potassium deficiency may come down with a nervous disorder that you  will be able to distinguish by nervous, skittish behavior. Especially if your  cat is usually laid back and easygoing, pay attention to sudden changes in  behavior. If your cat jumps at noises or shies away from strangers, this could  indicate a potassium deficiency.

Prolonged potassium deficiency can lead to sudden cardiac arrest in cats. This  means the cat’s heart stops, creating an immediate danger that demands fast  action.  Seek out a veterinarian if your cat goes into cardiac arrest. If your  cat has prolonged potassium deficiency, you need to have emergency contact  information for your vet on hand.
Read more:  Effects of Potassium Deficiency in Cats | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_7291032_effects-potassium-deficiency-cats.html#ixzz2DIGlJfgC

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