Combating Cancer …

Combating  Cancer With An Everyday Pantry Item

Did you know…that baking soda has been shown to fight  cancer, stave off colds and flu, and even treat radiation poisoningall for just pennies a  day?

Vernon Johnston has a very important question for you: “do you want to  live?” That was the question he asked himself when he was diagnosed with  stage IV prostate cancer in 2008.

His answer was a resounding “yes!” Despite the fact that the  doctor who diagnosed his cancer told him there were no treatment options,  Johnston is still alive today, thanks to sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known  as baking soda.

One Man’s “Dance with Cancer”

By the time Johnston’s cancer was diagnosed, it had already spread to his  bones. When his doctor delivered the news, Johnston remembers thinking,  Stage IV? There is no stage V. But his online research led him to  a website promoting the Baking Soda And Cancer Cure.

This became the cornerstone of Johnston’s self-applied treatment program. baking soda and cancer

After 10 days of daily dosing with a special baking soda solution, Johnston  went in for a second bone scan. After a few days of frantic waiting, the results  finally arrived: “No convincing evidence of an osseous metastatic process.” In  other words, the baking soda had stopped his cancer.

Stopping Fungus Might Stop Cancer

Two medical pioneers–Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD and Dr. Simonchini, an oncologist  in Rome–have conducted compelling research on the potential of baking soda and  cancer treatment.

Their groundbreaking work is based the hypothesis that fungal infections and  cancer proliferation are connected, and that stopping the fungus can stop the  cancer.

According to health writer Mike Adams of Natural News, “Dr.  Simonchini “originally made the connection between fungal infections and cancer  proliferation. He realized that when a tumor was flushed with baking  soda (which is anti-fungal), it shrank and completely disappeared within  days.”

Dr. Sircus expanded on this research further, exploring the effects of  ingesting baking soda to halt cancer.

Baking Soda for Colds and Flu

Research has shown that baking soda can also be helpful in combating  contagious illnesses like colds and flus. With cold weather arriving fast,  many are seeking natural alternatives to harsh and ineffective antibiotics and  vaccines.

For those who wish to use baking soda for that purpose, experts recommend the  following dosage:

Day 1: Consume a total of 6 doses of half a teaspoon of  baking soda in 1 cup of water. Take at 2-hour intervals.

Day 2: Continue the same protocol, but reduce to 4  doses.

Day 3: Consume only 2 doses, 1 in the morning and another at  night.

Day 4: Continue on day 4 and thereafter with 1 dose in the  morning until illness is cured.

The broad spectrum of uses for baking  soda serves as a powerful reminder of a commonly overlooked truth about  medicine: the simplest solution is often the best one.

Time-tested remedies, like baking soda and cancer, may not be breaking news,  but they’re worthy of our attention. After all, the reason they’ve been around  for so long is that they work!

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One thought on “Combating Cancer …

  1. – there are many other options avaabille in the US.The real question is BETTER than chemo or radiation really better? I’m a Cancer survivor who owes his life to chemo and radiation therapy. It worked for me. Cancer Treatment Centers of America bases it’s advertising on providing the most and best therapy’s avaabille for Cancer. I may be biased, being an American- but even so, the research I’ve done rates America’s treatments, drugs, and general procedures a healthy cut above the rest of the world. I guess my best advice based on my opinion- would be to go with the usual course of treatment prescribed , unless the prognosis or results were terminal.

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