Parasites, Flukes, Roundworms and Tapeworms

Parasites! What did you say, I have parasites?  Parasitic infections caused by worms, microscopic protozoa and skin parasites  could be part of your problem.    Some of the symptoms you can find below. How these parasites can affect the human body is just incredible!  I believe in detoxing,  weather it is with natural supplements or using an ion foot-bath.  I love the True Rife detoxing system.  So my dear friends, it’s time to detox! The following article is very educational and is by Ian Pennington.

Sometimes the aches and the pains that a person experiences in his body can be attributed to parasites. And we aren’t talking about ten or twenty parasites inside a person’s body. There are more than 1,000 types of parasites that take residence in the body of one person and most of the time a million of these parasites can conquer the whole body.

parasites in the human body come in many types and these can be seen on many parts of the person’s body. Examples of these parasites are the worms, the bacteria, amoeba, fungi and mites. These parasites prey on the body of humans and other living things. Almost all parts of our body have hosted these parasites and most of the time we are not even aware that we carry these parasites. And these parasites are the reason why most people tend to experience a number of health issues. By practice, a person who has these health issues will tend to focus on the symptoms and forget about the roots of the problem. So the usual step is to focus on the chronic fatigue, skin rashes, muscle pains, a weakened immune system and a number of health issues.

These symptoms may be cured but chances are these symptoms will return since the root causes of these health issues still remain in our bodies and these are the parasites. As mentioned there are different types of nasty parasites and one nasty parasite that makes human unhealthy is the hookworm. This parasite attaches itself to the intestinal wall and then feeds on the tissues and blood and in the process causing the person to suffer from iron deficiency.

Another notorious parasites in the human body is the tapeworm. Tapeworms are huge parasites that can grow to more than 30 feet long and these parasites have the capability to produce a million eggs a day. Pin-worms are also common intestinal parasites in the body. The eggs of these parasites are usually airborne. The moment these parasites are safely inside the human body, these parasites usually crawl outside the anus at night and in the process causes severe itching. These parasites then lay their eggs on the beddings or the sleepwear of the person.

But not all of the parasites in the human body are menacing and terrifying. Some of these parasites are just harmless and some are just less dangerous if compared to others. One example of a harmless parasite is the tooth amoeba. Tooth amoeba cannot be removed just by brushing. They usually crawl out again after you brush your teeth and they usually feed o the microscopic bits of food that are left in the teeth. Another parasite that is considered as less dangerous is the dust mite. Though dust mite can cause some allergies, these parasites can help maintain the human’s skin. These mites often feed on the dead skin in the person’s body. Some parasites cannot be totally avoided but with good personal hygiene these can be controlled and reduced in the body.

Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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