Seniors and UTI’s

Gram & GrampaUrinary tract infections (UTI) can cause serious health issues. A UTI happens when you have bacteria in the bladder or kidneys. When Left untreated, a UTI can become more serious. Urinary tract infections can lead to an acute or chronic kidney infection, which could permanently damage the kidneys and even lead to kidney failure. UTI’s are a leading cause of sepsis, (presence of microorganisms in tissue: the condition or syndrome caused by the presence of microorganisms or their toxins in the tissue or the bloodstream), a potentially life-threatening blood  infection.
Our seniors are more vulnerable to UTI’s  their  susceptibility to infections are due to their suppressed immune systems and age. The individuals most likely to experience UTI’s are the elderly.
The muscles of the bladder tend to weaken as we age, which leads to more urine being retained in the bladder, (the bladder not emptying completely) and incontinence;  (the inability to control urination), both can lead to urinary tract infections.

In the Western Indies, ginger is often used to treat unrinary tract infections

Some of the signs and symptoms to look for are:

Strong or foul-smelling urine
Cloudy urine
Frequent need to urinate
Pain, burning and itching
Blood in urine
Night sweats, shaking, or chills
Pressure in the pelvis
Sometimes a low grade fever


Anti Candida


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