More on UTI’S

Every once in awhile, you might hear or read of scientific reviews allegedly showing that vitamins and supplements do not work or might be dangerous to your health and well being. I believe this to be  a frequent and naive prejudice against dietary supplements.Most anything can be dangerous if not used correctly!Hopefully you have a physician that is up on the wonders of natural supplements and will encourage you to benefit from these God given ingredients.Bladder infection or UTI has become a major medical problem for both male and female. Things to be aware of:
Do not use throughout pregnancy or lactation.
Not for use in small children.
Avoid, in case of allergy to the Lamiaceae  plants, also known as the mint family that includes culinary herbs, such as marjoram, basil, mint, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme, lavender, and perilla.
Avoid in cases of liver or kidney disease.
A potential interaction may exist with blood thinners; therefore, do not use oregano oil in high doses if you are taking them.Become an informed person and start contributing to your own well being. Do your homework and research, You know your body better than anyone so take care of it! As always, check with your physician before starting any new diet or supplement.Visit the site below for more information<a href=””>Home Remedies and Natural Cures</a>: Provides unbiased and detailed information on home remedies and natural cures for a variety of common illnesses, along with the magical health benefits of many herbal products.


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