Nursing homes lose $30M

Nursing homes lose M
John Kasich signed his broad policy overhaul bill today and, as expected, denied nursing homes an extra $ 30 million that Republican lawmakers tried to send their way. The $ 30 million payment, which would have gone to nursing homes that met more than …
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Report Says Nursing Home Patient Choked To Death; 3rd In State In 3 Months
By JOSH KOVNER, The Hartford Courant A patient on a soft-food diet choked to death on take-out ziti and meatballs delivered directly to the patient’s room at the Meridian Manor nursing home in Waterbury, a state health inspection …
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Pets in Nursing Homes
A University of Iowa law professor encourages nursing homes to expand their policies so residents can keep pets, and states to change laws and regulations where necessary to make it easier. “Many studies suggest that interacting with pets has many benefits for residents of nursing homes,” says Josephine Gittler, professor of law at the UI College of Law. “Allowing them to have pets will improve the quality of life of not only the residents, but the animals, too.” …
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3 thoughts on “Nursing homes lose $30M

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