Giardia Infection, Do not be afraid or intimidated, speak up !

Do not be afraid or intimidated to speak up in defense of your loved one to anyone in any kind of institution! You are paying them for their services and you do have the right to do so. Just make sure you file a grievance against them so it will not happen to someone else. (A complaint or protestation based on such a circumstance.)
My eldest sister died in 2005. She was Special and was always so loving and trusting. She loved everyone and if more people in this world were like her and other special people we would be living in an almost perfect world. She lived with our Mother all her life and she was Moms baby and ours. Our hearts are still breaking for her. Mom almost gave up after her death and it took so long for her to want to keep living. My sister had previously been treated for Giardia and the treatments she had did not destroy it. She died of giardia.

(Left untreated, giardia infection may lead to severe dehydration. Severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can result in shock or coma and may be life threatening. Seek prompt medical care if you develop diarrhea and vomiting and believe you may have been exposed to giardia. Seek immediate medical care (call 911) if you, or someone you are with, have symptoms of severe dehydration, such as confusion, lethargy, loss of consciousness, cold skin, or reduced urine production.)

I was there with her at the hospital not knowing she would die. I guess the Doctor told us and I just could not or would not let that register. I slept in her room with her and the nurse would come in periodically with a shot for her. At one point I was awakened and the nurse had just given her a shot and told me it was an insulin injection. At the time I did not think anything of that but much later after her funeral I thought of everything that had happened while my sister was there. Why had she needed insulin if she was there to die? When she first got up to the room she had diarrhea and I asked for a potty chair for her. My sister was a very small girl 4’8” and the nurse had a potty chair for the size of a very large man. I asked if the legs were adjustable and she said no. After she was helped back to bed I looked at the chair and the legs were adjustable. I let the chair down to the lowest settings. The nurse was a very tall woman and the bed was at its highest adjustment also. While the nurse was cleaning my sister, her face was in the nurses’ bosom, held quite tight; my sister was saying she could not breathe. She was very weak and it was hard to understand her.

This nurse was a monster! I was stupid and I lived with guilt for not seeing what was in front of my eyes! I guess I just did not think things like this could really happen and doubted myself. A year later Mom went back to that hospital and I had in my hand a letter to give to the Doctor, who was also Chief of Staff. The letter was regarding all the happenings in the hospital with my sister and this ER nurse. The letter also let him know that if that woman was still employed my Mother would not be left alone with her for one moment and I would see everything that went on even if I had to use a video. The Doctor came to me a few hours later and told me that I need have no worries, she had been let go!

I wonder how many patients this monster nurse was abusive to and how many she actually could have killed in that year that I said nothing! I still have the letter somewhere that I gave to the Doctor. Maybe at a later time I will post it.
Even if you think you are imagining something that is not quite right in your eyes that is happening to someone you love, question it and do not wait. Evil is real and it could be one of your nurses. Speak up and take action!


3 thoughts on “Giardia Infection, Do not be afraid or intimidated, speak up !

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I feel for you and your family and I do agree that we all need to speak up about these things!

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