Alternative medicine

Hello again, my mom and I went to her apartment on the 22 and spent the night; she had fasting lab work done the next morning at a nearby hospital. I had to go back home to work the next day and she stayed at her place. My sister and niece live down the hall from her and it was very nice to see them, Mom and I did not get to see them much this past winter. Today her Doctor came for his 3 month visit and it was his last visit with mom because he is moving away, we will miss him very much. He brought moms’ new Doctor with him so he and mom could get acquainted. He seems like a very down to earth fellow but his opinion of natural supplements, alternative medicines and procedures are in different ball fields than mine! But other than that I think we will work well together.

My Mother in law is going in for hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning. She is the best Mother in law anyone could ever ask for.  My husband and I went to visit her and the rest of the family on Sunday, My brother in law cooked blue gills and everyone brought a plate to pass, Ma broke out her homemade wine, the weather was great and we all had a lovely time.  I gave her and her brother a foot detox and foot massage and of course some trace minerals. I hope her surgery

goes well, I guess I worry too much.

My husband and I are planning to go on vacation for two weeks and are leaving on the 28th. We didn’t know when we made these plans that her surgery was going to be this soon. My Son has already taken vacation time from work, because we are going to see him and I don’t want to let him down or I for that matter. I haven’t seen him since 2009. I need to go and am really trying to talk myself out of it. I do need a break and I know everyone will be here for my two Mothers, so I am going. Thanks for listening to my ramblings,have a wonderful night and I’ll be back here soon.

Last week we had the most beautiful weather!  It was in the 80% mark and last night and today it is so cold.  We are going to get a frost according to the weatherman! I’m concerned about our Farmers crops.


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