Care Giver Burnout

Any kind of caregiving is a tough job and I know some of you care for others that are in worse health than my Mother, I think of all of you every day and hope that you are taking care of yourselves. You cannot take care of someone else properly until you realize this.

Caregivers, taking the responsibility for others often neglect themselves. They see their responsibility as exclusive to the care of their charge. Do not place unreasonable demands upon yourself. Like I mentioned before you need to take care of you and do not think of yourself as a superwoman! If you have neighbors or friends that offer to help, let them! Take advantage of their offer and take a break.

Mother and I get into some spats, I try to keep my temper under control and sometimes that is very hard to do. I take a deep breath, go outside and just let it all out. I have actually screamed like a Banshee and then I’d say a little prayer, it helped.  I then go back into the house and apologize to my sweet Mom and she does too.

Things are happy on the home front once again.

.    Family Caregiver Handbook that is free for download. (to receive the PDF, visit


4 thoughts on “Care Giver Burnout

      • January 14, 2012Denise,This was a great webinar! Although I must admit I sipkped most of the speaking part and just went through the slides. (Being able to sit and listen to things undisturbed is something of a luxury tv works the same way.) One of the very tough things for me has been to give myself the chance to just have free undisturbed time. If I want to go to a one hour event that is a planned affair there’s no such thing as doing something on the spur of the moment. Reasons I can’t pull that off are: no money, no medical assistance, and/or I have to worry while my husband is home by himself thus having me rush out from the end of an event to worry about his medical needs. I also liked your point about concerns with home health agencies. In two years in Florida we went through 7 agencies for everything ranging from employees asking me to pay them, to incorrect sterile technique, to improper care and the list goes on. Two events come immediately to mind 1) coming home from running a small errand to find our one year old daughter on the kitchen table while the aid was reading the newspaper at the same table; and 2) was having a company owner’s wife RN tell me that manual bowel stimulation was a backrub .-There’s the front door!The other item you spoke of was getting up in the morning I love getting up early!! But my husband can’t take his meds until 11:30 and even though we put our daughter to bed at 9 (sugar free diet) she’s always up until I come to bed read her a book and then we go to sleep. Thus I finally get to sleep around 1ish and am up at 7 to let the nurse in followed immediately by letting the dogs out. I would love to get up at 6 so I can have quiet time. I realized mine is probably more a lack of resources then anything else.Anyway, great webinar!(PS>>>Belated B-Day wishes!!!

    • BetteJanuary 12, 2012Oh my this was just what I needed to hear today. Denise, I love all your wribnaes, but this one: I went from tears to laughter (I love that velcro is our friend’) and then on to make a list. I’m tired (I slept from 7 to 7 last night) and mainly I think it’s because of the repetitiveness here. My mother can’t do anything on her own unless she’s prompted, even wiping her nose, she needs to be given a tissue and told what to do. Your webinar gave compassion, humor and offered solutions. Thank you so much. I am going to diligently find help for bedtime. I’ve wanted to do this, I’ve talked about doing this but get to the phone and tell myself: it would be hard for so and so to come out at night or when it’s cold, or what if the weather is bad It’s been on the end of my tongue to ask and then the aide leaves and I think, I’ll ask next time. Your right it is hard for me to understand why I can’t keep doing this, but I’m going to look at this as a chance not that I can’t.Denise, thank you again. What a lift to my day. I hope for many wonderful new chances for you in 2012 as well.I’m on my way to the phone and then to cross one thing off the list from today. (:

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