Handicap Barrier Free Shower

We remodeled our bathroom a few years ago and made it handicap accessible with a barrier free shower knowing we would need it in the future.  A good call, it has already paid for itself.

Moms’ weekly shower is two days past due. It’s too cold to take a shower says Mom. OK I’ll turn up the heat and we’ll wait for 10 to 15 minutes.  The time has come and she says she has a sick tummy so I get out the papaya enzymes and we wait a little while longer for her shower.  Finally we are doing the job; scrubbing, washing hair, and exfoliating. It is so hot in here!  Her shower is completed and now it’s time for the lotion and getting her dressed. I Brush her hair and trim fingernails and toenails and ask, “Mom, are you still cold?”  Mom says; “no, I’m HOT.” I think to myself, thank goodness I can turn down that heat! Mom tells me a little while later that she feels great after her shower and she thinks she should have one every day!  I laugh out loud almost hysterically, what a girl!

Any kind of care-giving is a tough job and I know some of you care for others that are in worse health than my Mother, I think of all of you every day and hope that you are taking care of yourselves. You cannot take care of someone else properly until you realize this.  Caregiver burnout is real so take care. Elderly care for me, is getting to know my parent and I am always learning something new about her, it is an amazing opportunity. I love her so much


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