Lifeline Stress reducer

Moms Independent Living has not been totally taken away from her. We have kept her apartment for now to make her transition as smooth as possible. My Moms sister visits from out of town every summer and spends time with Mom at her apartment. That gives me a break and gives them time to catch up on things.

I do work outside of the home but not as much as I did before Mom came to stay. I have great friends around our neighborhood that check in with her when I am gone for a few hours. Lifeline is another stress reducer for me. They have one out now that can detect a fall and get help for her if she cannot answer or push the button. This is a very reasonable service and in my opinion a must for all our Parents that need care. She is not alone very often and only for short periods but I feel so much better knowing she has the Lifeline. Caregiving for my Mom, I’m happy to do this. Parents are wonderful so love them while you have them. We lost Grandma a few years ago, we still miss her, and she lived to be 98 years young!



5 thoughts on “Lifeline Stress reducer

  1. I think that it is a great idea that things are going slow when it coms to giving uo her apartment. It really should help things go easer.

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