Handicap Ramp

Before I could get Mother moved in we had to build a handicap ramp. There are organizations out there that have funding to help with this. Check with your Community Center and the Salvation Army. If they have nothing they can point you in the right direction.

When the weather is nice Mom and I take a walk up and down the ramp and with the slight incline she is getting more exercise than just walking from room to room. Always use a belt around their waste in case they stumble. Mom uses her walker I walk slightly behind her holding the belt. This winter she has not had much exercise but the weather is getting better and we will be getting those legs strengthened again.

Mom is in much better shape since her diet has changed. My rule of thumb is less processed foods, supplements everyday and lots of tender loving care. She drinks a glass of V-8 Fusion every day, she likes the Peach Mango. We have a Cockatoo who also likes the peach mango juice so they are both getting their fruits and veggies everyday even if I run out of fresh ones before I take a trip to the grocery store.

Caregiving for my sweet Mom is exhausting but great! I love her stories about our family and the things she did as a girl.


2 thoughts on “Handicap Ramp

  1. Great article! I was a caregiver for years! It’s nice to see someone like you who cares so much! I clicked on your adsense ad for you!-Jenny

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