Bidets, Caregiver Shortcuts, Keeping Clean between Showers

I find it amazing while surfing the web at the things you can find that can make your loved one more comfortable with less work! My Mothers left shoulder is bone to bone and she has a titanium implant in the other one. The one with the implant has a limited range of motion and still pains her but not as severe as the left one. She cannot wipe herself because of her afflictions and keeping her clean was a constant chore. I was checking on Bidets while surfing the web one day, thinking I would have to pay a small fortune to help my Mom keep clean and give me a well needed break since she has to go to the bathroom quite often. I found, to my surprise that a portable bidet existed and what a thrill that was! The price of such a thing is well within my means and what a time saver this is for me. Mom stays clean and the infections stay gone, I love it.
The bidet I purchased was one with its own toilet seat and had hot and cold water, a blow dryer and a heated seat. The only bad thing about this particular one was the plastic can break down and crack. My Mother was quite heavy at the time and that could also have had something to do with the breakage. I purchased another one that was much simpler and easier to install. You use it underneath your existing toilet seat. It is very basic and only has cold water but Mom does not mind that and they are very easy to use. I like this one with only cold water because it is safer. If your loved one moved the water temperature knob by mistake they could get burned. I suppose you could tape over that control once you had it set so that could not happen.

For drying purposes I place a blue pad on her shower chair next to th toilet and she sits on that after using the bidet. You need to make sure that is changed often. It has been a lifesaver and has given Mom a sense of self-sufficiency. Caregiver Blues  shortcuts like this inexpensive bidet are a God send, Dignity intact!


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